We know that when we experience distress, anxiety, fear, and other strong emotions, they influence our behavior, affect our physical, mental, and spiritual health, and even our thinking process. The Covid pandemic and its consequences and the adjustments it requires of us all provoke strong emotions in people, and so TRA wants to provide some information and “tools” to help people get through these hard times. RENEW provides Refreshing, Enriching, and Nourishing Essentials for Wellbeing. 

Many people are feeling a sense of vulnerability and powerlessness in the pandemic. That can be frightening, and even debilitating, and then they don’t know what to do. RENEW teaches skills that individuals can use on their own to help them handle their difficulties and stress. We show how thinking, feeling, and acting are all connected and influence each other — either in healthy or unhealthy ways. We teach a variety of “tools” that people can use when they need them so that they can live a healthier and more satisfying life, and not remain caught in a web of fear and powerlessness.

RENEW is a free program thanks to generous donors and foundations who support TRA’s work.

Yes! We have a manual that is designed for general use without reference to the pandemic.

We can also work with organizations to edit a manual for a specific purpose, such as helping members of a local community after a traumatic event, such as a tornado, a fire, or a mass shooting. We can adapt the examples in the footnotes to be applicable to that particular situation.

TRA also has programs designed for adults who experienced childhood trauma. They are called Healthy Living Skills, Healing ACT, and the Trauma Recovery Program.  These programs explore the effects of childhood abuse and neglect, and help build skills for recovery. We also train mental health professionals so that the programs can be offered in other locales beyond southwest Michigan where TRA is located. TRA’s programs are provided at no cost to the participants.

For more information about any of these programs, please contact TRA at 269.459.2121 or TRA@TraumaRecoveryAssociates.com. 

Of course! We will be pleased to receive donations so we can continue to provide programs that are free for participants, while supporting the administrative costs to run an agency and its professional services.