RENEW is a new program we created in response to the current pandemic. In light of the distress experienced by many people, we will present information about Refreshing, Enriching, and Nourishing Essentials for Wellbeing. People are different, so distress can show up in a variety of ways. The program uses a holistic model, because each person is made up of thoughts, emotions, and actions, encompassing a mind, a physical body, and an essence. We are going to examine the issue from these different viewpoints so that you can see how the pandemic may be affecting you.

There are six units — each one has a short video introduction, prepared instruction with examples, and exercises to help you apply the information and begin to put it into practice. Some units also have an appendix or two so that you can dive deeper into a particular topic if you wish.

  • Unit A. Caring for your body
  • Unit B. Caring for your mind
  • Unit C. Caring for your emotions
  • Unit D. Caring for your behavior
  • Unit E. Caring for your spirit
  • Unit F. Caring for yourself

A Forgiveness Workbook is also available for you as additional resource.